Devre Makina is next to Turkish companies with the trainings it provides.

increasing its customer portfolio day by day, Devre Makina regularly conveys the rapid development in technology to all its active and potential customers through different media (books, catalogues, brochures, magazines, newspapers, internet) and gives training seminars in factories and businesses.
By following the ever-evolving manufacturing technologies in the industry, it gives practical training seminars for every sector. These trainings can be held in our training halls in our own center, as well as in the places they want, in line with the demands of our customers.
Devre Makina, which closely follows the developments in technology, offers this service to its customers with the training seminars it gives in the training halls in its headquarters. In the trainings given to the companies, in addition to the standard training, company-specific training programs can also be made by examining the existing systems and determining their needs.

Educational Titles

Pneumatic Technologies
Hydraulic Technologies
Electric Motors and Drivers
Air Conditioning and Filtration