About Us

Devre Makina works for tomorrow.

Devre Makina Co.Ltd. It is a family company that was established in 1983 for the supply of products in the industry, based on the work experience and culture in other sectors, dating back to the 1950s. Today, it continues its business life with the representatives of the second generation.

Devre Makina has long been known as a company that is known for its high quality products and services and strives to fully meet the expectations of its customers. Quality and customer focus are a company vision and a shared responsibility of all employees.

Since its establishment, Devre Makina has left behind 38 years with its principled works, reliability, respect for commercial law, innovative and sharing structure. With the experience and responsibility of the past 38 years, Devre Makina aims to carry the positive references it has obtained in the sector one step further, as it has in the past.

As Devre Makina, the quality of our products and services, the satisfaction of our customers, are company priorities that are consistently applied within the company. It is aimed to provide high standards in sales and service, product performance, value, timeliness and reliability.

Quality and customer focus build the Devre Makina brand and reinforce customer trust and loyalty. Providing high quality and focusing on customers ensures that Devre Makina’s high performance culture is built. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers increases our competitiveness. Providing quality strengthens our professional pride and confidence.

It is now very easy to reach the services of Devre Makina.